BFree Foods Review

About a week ago, a 12 pound box from BFree Foods arrived at my house, and ever since my family and I have been trying a variety of tasty allergen free products! 🙂 You see, BFree Foods doesn’t just make products free from Gluten, their products are also free from: Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Nuts and Soy. Which makes the entire line of BFree products free from major allergens, as well as vegan.

Let me start by showing you all the products the folks at BFree Foods were nice enough to send me!


This included:

1 Pack of Quinoa and Chia Seed Wraps

1 Pack of Multigrain Wraps

2 Packages of Soft White Rolls

2 Packages of Brown Seeded Rolls 

2 Packages of Multi Seed Bagels

2 Packages of Plain Bagels

2 Loaves of Soft White Sandwich Bread

2 Loaves of Brown Seeded Sandwich Bread

Upon suggestion of BFree Foods PR Agent, I put the products I wasn’t immediately going to try in my freezer, resulting in this:


With all these yummies, I’ve spent about a week trying products, and still have yet to try the Multi Seed Bagels, Soft White Sandwich Bread, and Multigrain Wraps, so reviews for those will come later. 😉

Let’s talk about the Quinoa and Chia Seed Wraps first! This is one of the first things I tried as I was SO excited that when I took them out of the box they were soft and pliable. I decided to one out for a breakfast burrito, and here’s the result:


I used eggs, cheese, bell peppers, onions, and ham as my filling, and it was super tasty with the slightly nutty flavor these wraps add. The texture is perfect. I was a touch worried that the quinoa or chia seeds would result in an odd, gritty texture, but quickly learned that didn’t cause any problems. And, you get all this great flavor with only 110 calories per wrap. 🙂 Other ways I’ve used/ plan to use these wraps: Quesadillas, Personal Pizza, Burritos, Migas, and maybe even this recipe for Italian Enchiladas.

Next up, we’ve got the plain bagels, which I’m pretty sure we’ve used solely for breakfasts. Again, texture is great. They’re soft, and lack any pesky crumbling. They’re fine plain, as well as toasted, and we’ve topped them with everything from PB&J:


to Eggs, Ham, and Cheese for a Breakfast Bagel Sandwich!


Next up we have: Brown Seeded Sandwich Bread! This bread is awesome, and really different from other Gluten Free breads I’ve tried. To start with, the slices are much longer and thinner, as the cut their loaves of bread lengthwise opposed to horizontally. The only flaw I’ve found is that because the slices are so long, they don’t fit in the toaster unless you cut them in half. However, if that’s the only issue it has, I’d say it’s a win. It’s really yummy, and I used it for quite a few sandwiches. Such as this PB&J:


(Yes, our Christmas tree is still up. It’s just so pretty! Ha.)

Onto the rolls. . .

These may be my family’s favorite thing they sent. In fact, we ate the first few so quickly, I didn’t even get pictures of them (they’ll be in my second BFree Foods post) They’re great with soup, awesome as mini sandwiches, and would probably work really well as hamburger buns.

I believe that’s all for now! Check back soon for the second part of this post!

Thanks to BFree Foods for providing these products for me to try. As usual, in spite of the fact that I received these products for free, all opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone.

Have an awesome day!



We’re having a party!

Foster Farms has been around for quite some time, but they’ve only been part of the Gluten Free Community for two years. In order to celebrate their two year gluten free anniversary they’re teaming up with a group of bloggers to share the diversity of their products. Over the next couple months we’ll discuss different aspects of their products and different ways to switch them up. Today though, we’re going to discuss the party I threw to celebrate their two year gluten free anniversary, and how I made their corn dogs into a breakfast buffet item. 🙂

What you need to know though is that my kitchen is TEENY TINY, which means that my breakfast buffet is kind of disjointed, but it all worked out!


What you see above from left to right is: Sausage Balls and Cheese Grits, Simple Truth Waffles from Kroger, and Gluten Free Foster Farms Corn Dogs (which were in the oven when these pictures were taken and why you don’t see pictures of them, but I promise they were there!)

Anyways, here was the breakfast buffet menu:

  • Cheese Grits
  • Sausage Balls (I used Gluten Free Bisquick, and this recipe)
  • Gluten Free Simple Truth Waffles
  • Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs
  • Orange Juice

As usual, the Foster Farms corn dogs were terrific. . . the party consisted of both Gluten and Non-Gluten eaters, and no one could tell the difference.

Wanna know how I added them to my breakfast buffet? Bake them a couple minutes longer, and serve them with syrup . . . they’re almost like Gluten Free Pancake on a Stick!

Overall, it was a GREAT party, and the addition of Foster Farms products made it even better!

Find out where you can get their products near you here.

Have a great day y’all!



Gluten Free Chickfila Copycat Breakfast Burrito

Earlier this week I posted this picture to my Instagram, and went about my day.


But, I later realized that some of y’all might want to know how I’d copycatted Chickfila’s sausage breakfast burrito, and figured I’d share how I made it Gluten Free!! 😀

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1 Toufayan Gluten Free Original Wrap

1/8 cup of frozen pepper and onion mix

2 Tablespoons Shredded Colby Jack Cheese

2 Eggs

2 Gluten Free Turkey Sausage Patties

Salt and Pepper

Optional: Salsa

Directions: Cook your onions and peppers until tender, remove from pan, brown sausage patties and remove to cutting board. Chop into roughly 16 pieces per patty. Scramble your eggs . . . while they’re cooking place a wrap on your plate and arrange the peppers, onions, and sausage in the center of your wrap. Place cheese on top, then take your cooked eggs and place those on top. Roll up your wrap into a burrito, and enjoy! If you choose to eat yours with salsa, add that on the plate before serving.

Simply put, that’s how you make a Gluten Free Chickfila Sausage Breakfast Burrito. I served mine with tater tots to mimic the Chickfila hash brown rounds . . . it was NOT the same. 😛 Anybody have a hash brown round recipe? Let me know! 😉

I hope y’all enjoy this recipe! Let me know if you choose to make it by leaving a comment below with your thoughts.

Have a Fantastic Friday y’all!



It’s time for . . . a GIVEAWAY!

I talked about New Grains Gluten Free Bakery the other day in my post, and told y’all just how much I loved the products they sent me to try. Well, because New Grains is awesome, they wanted to give you, my readers a little something too! IMG_4880

One lucky reader will win a package with the same products I received to review:

~One loaf of Sourdough bread

~One Pink Sugar Cookie

~One package of English Muffins

All of the products are Gluten Free, and made from Gluten Free flour milled in-house to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. They’re also 100% organic and non-gmo.

To enter to win this giveaway . . . follow this link!

If you can’t wait to get your products from New Grains, you can use the coupon code now available to my readers!! Just type in LIVIES GONE GLUTEN FREE in the coupon code area at checkout, and you’ll receive 10% off of any purchase of $20 or more.

Have a Fabulous Friday y’all!!



New Grains Gluten Free Bakery . . . a review!!

A few days ago I hinted at an upcoming review and guess what!? Today is the day! 🙂

Today I’ll be talking about . . . New Grains Gluten Free Bakery!

The folks at New Grains sent me three of their products to review: English Muffins, Sour Dough Bread, and a Pink Sugar Cookie:IMG_4880

We’ll start by reviewing the Pink Sugar Cookie:


Besides being adorable with its pink icing and sprinkles . . . it’s also tasty. It reminds me of the soft, iced sugar cookies you can get in the bakery at the grocery store, just without the gluten! 🙂 It’s sweet without being overly sweet, and has awesome texture!

Onto our next product: Sour Dough Bread. Y’all . . . this is THE VERY BEST GLUTEN FREE BREAD I’VE HAD . . . EVER! I’ve eaten it toasted with butter and jam, I’ve had it as a sandwich,  I’ve toasted it and topped it with turkey, cheese, tomato, pasta sauce, banana peppers and basil:


No matter how I’ve eaten it, it’s been great. The texture is perfect, the flavor is EXACTLY like I remember glutenous sourdough bread tasting, and as a bonus there’s tons of it in a loaf. I’ll still be eating it in October (I’m exaggerating, but there is a lot of it in a loaf.) Just in case you hadn’t caught my drift yet . . . it’s FABULOUS, the only downside is that I can’t get it whenever I want it (which may be a good thing) because their bakery is in Utah, and shipping takes . . . time, ya know!? Lol.

Last but not least . . . the English muffins! As much as I loved the bread, these may take the cake. I’ve been rationing them over the past few days so they’ll last longer, but I’m down to half a muffin, so I may need to order more. I love these for breakfast. They are the most like glutenous English muffins out of anything I’ve tried, and are so tasty that they’re delicious with just butter and a swirl of honey. I also liked them with apple butter, as you can see in the photo below.


Overall, everything I tried from New Grains Gluten Free Bakery was superb, and I’m delighted that they were sweet enough to send me these delectable products my way. If y’all would like to purchase the products mentioned in this post from their online store, check out the links at the top of this post. If you want to see the other products New Grains has to offer, you can check those out on their website here.

Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow, as I’ve got more fun coming your way!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



I got mail!!

Well y’all, it’s official . . . Livie’s Gone Gluten Free has officially relocated to Georgia. Why is it official today, you ask?? Well . . . that would be because WE GOT OUR FIRST PIECE OF MAIL!


And no, you don’t get to see what it was . . . yet. (It’s a secret)

I have some AWESOME things planned for the rest of August!! So keep your eyes peeled. 🙂



I love Flourless Chocolate Cake!

Located in darling Downtown Rome, Honeymoon Bakery has a handful of Gluten Free options, including Flourless Chocolate cake, which is my favorite. Now, being the dork I am, I forgot to take pictures while we were there Saturday. Crazy, I know. Thankfully, their website has pictures, so I borrowed one:

See the chocolate covered triangle on the top row (third from the left) well, that’s the Flourless Chocolate Cake, and it is delicious.

Lucky for y’all though, if you aren’t able to get to Honeymoon Bakery, you can make Flourless Chocolate Cake at home. I found this recipe on Pinterest the other day, and plan to try it soon. Fair warning though, it’s a SUPER rich dessert. Like, my mama, sister and I split the piece because it is SO very rich.

Regardless, it’s very tasty, and if you like chocolate . . . you’ll LOVE this!

Have a terrific Tuesday!



Toufayan Gluten Free Spinach Wraps (a product recommendation)

In moving to Rome, or new closest grocery store is Publix, and while we were browsing through the store the other day, I found these:

And y’all! They are so awesome. They taste great, their texture is soft, AND best of all: they’re bendable and roll up easily. 😀

I’ve made all kinds of different “sandwich” combinations with these wraps, and so far my favorite combo is turkey, spinach, kale, and cream cheese. I know it sounds a bit strange, but it’s quite tasty which has to count for something, am I correct? IMG_4866All that being said, these wraps are awesome, and if y’all have been searching for fantastic Gluten Free wraps . . . you should try these! 😉

What are y’all’s favorite Gluten Free wraps? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a Fabulous Friday, y’all!!



Aldi, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways . . .

Y’all are aware of the fact that I love Aldi, and I thought I might share a few of the reasons why with y’all!! 😀

1) Gluten Free Products

Aldi has a line of Gluten Free products called LiveGfree which regularly has awesome products that are comparable to other well known Gluten Free products, for less!

Here are a couple of comparable products:

2) Cheap Organic Fruits and Veggies

I got asparagus for 99 cents a package last week. I think that’s an awesome deal!

Here are some recent deals on organic produce at my local Aldi:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 5.18.56 PM

3) Kale Veggie Burgers

I LOVE these. They’re really yummy, and they’re Gluten Free. But just as a warning: they’re processed on equipment that processes wheat. So, if you’re super sensitive to cross contamination, or have celiac disease, I wouldn’t risk it. However, I’ve had them for multiple meals over the past week, and haven’t had any problems. The only downside is that they’re a Special Buy (only available for a short period of time) which means I need to stock my deep freezer with them before they’re gone. Ha!

4) Prices for Milk and Eggs are always reasonable

I don’t drink milk, but I use it to bake with, and Aldi’s milk is currently $1.99 a gallon. Also, eggs are only $1.49 a dozen. Last summer they went as low as 69 cents.

5) Special Buys in General

Everything from Dried Mango to Towel Racks, it can all be a special buy and appear at random intervals at the store. Keep your eyes peeled because all kinds of fun stuff could be headed your way.

That’s just a few of the things I love about Aldi. Do y’all shop there? What are some of your favorite things?

Have a Tremendous Thursday y’all!



Where is the Canyon Bakehouse??

What is the most complicated thing about traveling when you’re Gluten Free? Finding the Gluten Free foods you’re accustomed to at home while you’re away. Well . . . moving is a lot like that! Except, your new town may not have access to the products you want . . . AT ALL. 😦

Picture this . . . you walk into the bakery section at your local grocery store, looking for your FAVORITE Gluten Free bread. You search the shelves, look at displays, and exasparatedly exclaim, “Where is the Canyon Bakehouse??” to which a nearby employee replies, “Ma’am, we don’t stock that here.” You return home and using the Find A Store section on their website come to the shocking realization that no one within 20 miles of you sells Canyon Bakehouse. #firstworldproblems (They don’t have my FAVORITE Gluten Free bread. Wah wah. I know it’s not earth shattering)

Talk about a MAJOR letdown. Oh well . . . I  have requested Canyon Bakehouse at my local grocery store so MAYBE they’ll get some soon. Wouldn’t that be great?

In the mean time, what is y’all’s favorite Gluten Free bread? Is it Udi’s, Pure Knead, maybe even Three Bakers!? Let me know in the comments below, please!

Have a wonderful day!!