Gluten Free on a Budget

Okay y’all. If you’ve been gluten free for more than a week, you’ve probably recognized that it’s not necessarily the cheapest way to eat. Bread alone can cost $4+ a loaf for half the amount you’d get of glutenous bread. And, I know there are some of y’all out there saying “She only pays $4 for her gluten free bread!?! How is this possible!?” Add in flours, xanthan gum, and potato starch if you care to bake on your own ever again, and your food budget goes kaput.

So, I’m sure that at this point, y’all are like, “Okay, Olivia, what magic tricks can you teach me to fix this? I have to eat, but I can’t afford $6 for a box of baking mix.”

Well, I have a few general tips and tricks for y’all today.

1) Amazon sells Bob’s Red Mill Flours as well as various other Gluten Free products. You can buy stuff far cheaper in larger quantities. The upfront cost is more overall, but in the long run, if you are committed to eating this way your stuff turns out cheaper.

2) Watch your grocery store for new gluten free products. This is the best way to find new gluten free deals. Now, I’m not saying every new product will be cheaper, but it is how I went from paying $6 a loaf for bread to $4 a loaf for bread. Be willing to try new brands on occasion. It might save you a couple bucks.

3) Aldi.
Now, I realize that not all of y’all have Aldi in your area. If you do though, you should go. I’ll tell you why in my next post, but trust me. . . it will be worth your time and your wait. 😉

That’s all for today!
Be looking for the Aldi post soon!

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