You Are Not Alone: 10 Celebrities Who Live Gluten Free (Part 3)

Back in 2010 I watched The Next Food Network Star faithfully.

It was so fun! I loved watching as the contestants completed challenges and feeling like I got to know each contestant.
I pledged my allegiance quickly to Aarti Sequeria. She had a fantastically bubbly and vivacious personality. She was warm and full of life. I absolutely loved her. So, I sat on the couch, in a house many moves ago, and excitedly celebrated her win of the show. I was so thrilled that Aarti would have her own show, and  I could learn how to cook Indian food, something I’d always wanted to know how to do.

Fast forward to June of this year. . . I was looking up a recipe for Lassi when I remembered my “old friend” Aarti, and thought, “Hmm, maybe she has a recipe for Lassi.” After a few quick Google searches, I found a Youtube video  with her explaining how to make Lassi, and I was on my way. Which was great, but then I went to Colorado for a month and had no need for Indian food tutorials.

In fact, she’d completely slipped my mind until I was looking into different Gluten Free Celebrities for my series last week, and found out Aarti went Gluten Free back in 2010. You can read her opinion of her lifestyle change here. She also figured out how to make Gluten Free Naan. Yum! I plan on making it soon, and I’ll definitely tell y’all what I think. 🙂

Now, if you are thinking, “Oh my word, there is NO way this girl has anything else to say today,” you’d be WRONG. I have one more little tidbit of information.

Aarti has a cookbook coming out.

In fact, IT COMES OUT TODAY. I’m just a wee bit excited in case you can’t tell. I cannot explain to you how amazing I think it will be, nor can I wait to get my copy of it. In addition to having an eclectic sampling of recipes, the cover is pretty. I mean, who doesn’t love pink floral designs all over a book? I certainly do!
So, check out her cookbook, or her blog, or her twitter. Let’s show Aarti some love on the day of her cookbook release, shall we?

Have a great day, y’all, and be on the lookout for more blog posts on Gluten Free Celebrities!


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