Terrific Things Tuesday! (Texas Edition)

1) Texas Spirit Jersey: 
I’m in love with Spirit Jerseys, y’all know this. What you may not know, is that I was born in Texas, and it has ALWAYS held a HUGE piece of my heart. (Ask my Mama) Because of that, I’m constantly searching for more ways to show off my pride for my home state. I’ve got my eye on this fun shirt  for my next “selfish” purchase. I’m not sure I’ll go with Royal Blue, but I’m definitely going to own one of these some day! Find it HERE. 😉


2) Texas Monogrammed Necklace:
These are the cutest necklaces I’ve ever seen in my entire life! For real y’all, aren’t they adorable!? Find them here.


3) Monogrammed Door Hanger:
Is there a better way to show your Texas Pride than to brand your front door with this precious door hanger!? I think not!
Find it on Bourbon and Boots. Link here.
4) Texas Mason Jar Tumbler:
There’s no cuter way to stay hydrated! 😉 Really though, this is adorable. Support Small Businesses, and buy it here.
5 & 6) The Token Friday Night Lights References:
If y’all haven’t watched Friday Night Lights before, you should probably fix that AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It’s a great little show with some fabulously quotable moments. Such as the one on this shirt below. 😉
And this one too! 😉
Well, that’s all the fun Texas stuff for this week, though I promise there’s more where that came from. 😀
If y’all need Texas Pridewear, type Texas in the search bar on Etsy. I’m sure you’ll find something fabulous! 😉

Have a great day, y’all!!


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