Some Stuff I “Need” To Try

Happy Wednesday Y’all!

Okay, so I LOVE Pinterest. It’s the best. Recipes, craft projects, and cute clothes all in one place? Count me in!
So, let’s talk about a few recipes, shall we? These are ones that have made my list to try to make Gluten Free. Or just try to make in general. They’re on the docket for recipe testing soon, and I’ll be sure to tell y’all how things work out! 😉

1) Carne Guisada:
If you’ve never tried this, I don’t know that we can be friends. I’m totally kidding of course, and it’s not Gluten Free. But you do need to try it at some point, which is where your bestie, Olivia, comes in. 😉 Hopefully, I’ll have time to do some recipe testing for it soon and have a recipe up here by November. Basically, It’s a REALLY YUMMY beef stew served with handmade flour tortillas. It has Latin origins, and LOTS of people claim to have made it first. Frankly I don’t blame them, because it’s delicious. But I believe it’s originally a Mexican dish that has become classic Tex Mex fare. It has a really rustic soul food feel to it, and it isn’t the prettiest dish when plated — but it is SO dang yummy. Here’s a picture I found here:


2) Ratatouille:
No, not the Pixar movie.  Although this show is hysterical, I was talking about the vegetable dish. It looks really pretty, sounds yummy, and I plan on attempting it soon! (By the way, the picture came from here.)


3) Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeño Dip:
This stuff is delicious. Like, “I could drink it alone” kind of yummy! But, I don’t want to have to go to Chuy’s every time I have a hankering for it. So, I’ll be testing a recipe for it soon so I can make it anytime I want. 😉 Picture from here.
4) Pumpkin Pancakes:
Because, umm. . . It is fall y’all! Also known as the season of ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! 😉 And really, who doesn’t like pancakes!? (Pic from here)

5) Churros:
Like mini fiestas in your mouth, these are pure cinnamon and sugar-covered deliciousness. I am so SURE there’s a way to make them Gluten Free! There just has to be. Am I right!? 😉 (Picture from here)

That’s all for today folks! I’m SO sorry this post is SO late today!

Let me know which recipe you want me to test first in the comments! 😀

I am so grateful for y’all! Thanks so much for tuning into my little spot here on the internet!


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