“Send Me Gluten Free” Review

Good Morning, y’all!

So,the other day, we looked over the products I received in my Send Me Gluten Free Box. If you missed that video, you can find it here. Today we are going to walk back through each product, and I am going to give you my opinion on each one. Here we go:


1. Mediterranean Snacks Sea Salt Lentil Chips
These were just all right. I wasn’t terribly impressed by the texture, but the flavor was okay. I feel they’d be far better with hummus or some kind of dip, but overall, they weren’t terrible. I’m not sure I’d buy them, but I will know better once I test them with hummus. 😉

2. YogaVive Chocolate Apple Chips
The texture is awesome! They’re nice and crunchy with a pleasant apple flavor after the pesky initial chocolate scratch and sniff type flavor is out of the way. The smell isn’t necessarily the greatest, but I think that’s in large part to the chocolate. Overall, I’d buy them on my own — more likely in a flavor like cinnamon.

3. I Heart Keenwah Sample Size Chocolate Sea Salt Quinoa Cluster 
These were crunchy with a pleasant texture after recognizing that you won’t break any teeth. They’re quite hard at first bite, almost like a peanut brittle. My one quip with this product is that they have a wee bit of an earthy aftertaste. Other than that; they’re fine! I would buy these. 🙂

4. NoGii Nuts About Berries Sample Size Paleo Bar 
This was DELICIOUS. The texture is VERY similar to a Larabar. The flavor is very berry, and oh so yummy. The nuts are ground so fine that they’re almost unrecognizable, giving it an almost fruit leather quality. Overall, I’d buy them on my own and wished the sample size was bigger.

5. A Coupon for ONE FREE GF Product from Conte’s Pasta
This would be super cool if any stores in my area stocked their products. The closest place I could buy it is 223 miles away. A tad bit of a drive to use a coupon.

6. Nature’s Path Dark Chocolate Chip Organic Granola Bar
These had a bit of a rancid/oily aftertaste. The texture is fine. It just tasted stale and left me wanting something else.

7. Kemnitz Family Kitchen Sample Pack of Gluten Free Labels Variety Pack
These are cool, and I can’t wait to use them all! I think they’re SUCH a great thing to have.

8. Sample Size Primal Pit Paste in Lavender
Like I said in the video, this is SUPER strong and stays that way the whole time I was wearing it. It works great. It just smells REALLY lavendery, so you must commit to smelling that way for the duration. :/

9. Bonne Maman Sample Size Strawberry Preserves 
These were delicious. I used a spoonful as topping on vanilla bean ice cream, and OH MY WORD. So, so yummy y’all! I’d definitely buy these — maybe even in bulk. They’d so be worth the price! 😉

10. Country Life Sample Pack CoEnzyme B-Complex Caps
I have yet to try these, but I will be sure to update this post when I do!

11. Redd Remedies Pain T4 Sample Pack
These seem cool. I’ll update y’all once I do try them!

Hope y’all enjoy this post!!

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