Cookbook Update

Okie dokie y’all, if you don’t want an update on my cookbook, you may wanna skip out on this post. However, if you do want an update on the cookbook. . . keep on reading! 😉

The cool thing is . . . it’s about 25% finished. I may have procrastinated a teeny tiny bit on putting it together this week.

Most of today looked like this:


And yes, the calf in that gorgeous field of bluebonnets is covering up . . . words — important words. Guess what that means? There is only one solution for YOU as a reader. You will have to wait and buy my cookbook!

Hmm . . . let’s see. What’s the progress at this point?  So far the cover art is complete. The table of contents is complete,  which means the recipe list has been completely decided and finalized. I also finished writing the introduction and have typed up the first couple recipes!

It is still on schedule despite my procrastination, and it is very much on track to hit Kindle “shelves” by mid-November!

That’s all the updates I have for y’all today! Check back soon for more information on my cookbook, as well as for some fun surprises coming soon in relation to it.

Have a great day, y’all!


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