Terrific Things Tuesday #3!?

What’s a day without a Terrific Things Tuesday!? Just another day of the week. 😉
Y’all know how this works so. . . let’s look into what things make THIS Tuesday Terrific! 😉

1) This Song. 
I have fairly eclectic tastes in music. My iTunes playlists tend to range from the folksy vibe of Nickel Creek to a little more alternative rock by U2, and mellow worship music from Kari Jobe.  Recently though, I’ve been listening to more indie rock, and my Ben Howard Playlist has gotten lots of play. I’m really enjoying this song. It’s fun and happy, and I just REALLY like it at the moment.

2) Aldi Spinach Bites
These were on special buy, and basically they’re spinach and potato nuggets. They are SO yummy, and I’ll be sad when my local Aldi runs out of them. Aldi, are you listening? More spinach bites, please! They’re Gluten Free. And as with most foods I like, they were targeted at children — ’cause I am still channeling my inner five year old. Y’all! They’re even shaped like teddy bears, and stars, and dinos! Anyways, I did have apple cider with my lunch as opposed to the classic preschool-prescribed apple juice. That’s gotta give me some maturity points, right? 😉 Also, I put cheddar cheese on them ’cause it makes them taste like a dish we make called Spinach Potatoes. (Creative, I know.) Basically, these are Spinach Potato Bites! *claps*


3) Anne of Green Gables!
I adore this movie, as well as the books, but that’s beside the point . . . We watched Anne of Avonlea the other day, and OBVIOUSLY I had to search Anne on Pinterest! Go search Gilbert + Hey girl. SO stinking funny! Here’s one of my FAVORITES! 😉


4) Whole Foods Confetti Cake
Okay y’all, I was SOOOO excited when I found out Whole Foods was coming to Knoxville, because I’d seen these cakes before and thought “Hmm, maybe Whole Foods will be open by my birthday, and I can have a Confetti Cake, ’cause those are so ADORABLE!” Well, the closer we get to my birthday (November 1st) the more it looks like that’s not gonna happen. Boo, Whole Foods! Boo. I’m just jesting, and am sure I will love Whole Foods in spite of their later opening date.

5) The Puff Hexagon Stitch.
This currently seems attainable. Additionally though, I have yet to try it. But, If I can make it work, it could make SUCH cute stuff! Blankets, scarves, a sweater for Ava. . . ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! And the picture below has pretty colors to boot! I’ll let y’all know if I attempt it any time soon!

That’s all the Terrific Things for this Tuesday!

Check back soon for more fun things!

What was your favorite thing on this list? Let me know in the comments!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, y’all!!

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