New Products from Krusteaz

Hey there! Don’t stand out there on the porch and freeze! Fall is definitely bringing a chill to the air around these parts. Y’all can come on in! 😉

“What are we chatting about today?” you ask. Well, we’re gonna discuss the new Gluten Free Krusteaz baking products! So grab your beverage of choice, and we’ll start talking about these new items  Krusteaz has recently released! 😀

Y’all got your drinks ready? Okay then, let’s look into Krusteaz’s new product line!

The product line currently has a total of four mixes, all of which are certified Gluten Free.

Double Chocolate Brownie Mix:
These are described as, “combining rich, fudge-like texture with loads of chocolate chips”
Now, I tried these at Costco when I was in Colorado, and they’re . . . just ok. Not my favorite Gluten Free brownies, but they are still yummy.

Honey Cornbread & Muffin Mix:
This sounds yummy! They describe it as being made with real honey and suggest using it in a Spicy Garden Cornbread Muffins Recipe, which I think sounds delicious.

Blueberry Muffin Mix: 
I’m REALLY excited about these. I love muffins, with blueberry being one of my favorite flavors, with cranberry orange as a close second (Are ya listening, Krusteaz?)  These come with canned wild blueberries, which is a bit better than those dehydrated blueberry wannabes. . . 

Buttermilk Pancake Mix:
I don’t know about y’all, but this is what I think of when it comes to Krusteaz. I grew up with pancake Saturdays, and we almost always used Krusteaz Pancake Mix which brings back fond memories. I’m hoping the Gluten Free version will elicit the same result. 🙂

I’m truly excited about this new group of products from Krusteaz, and I’m looking forward to trying the rest of them soon. I also think it’ll be interesting to see how Krusteaz expands their line within the Gluten Free community.

Now, it’s y’all’s turn to chat. Tell me which product you’re most looking forward to trying. Are you a brownie addict? A pancake fiend, or more of a cornbread and chili kind of person? Let me know in the comments below!

By the way . . . you’ll notice I’ve changed the comments section to a Disqus conversation! It’ll give us all a better way to interact. So, please try it out and let me know what you think!

Have a tremendous Thursday, y’all!

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