Cookbook Update!

Do y’all love these weekly cookbook updates or not? I’ll stop them if you don’t like them. Honestly. Just let me know in the comments section! 😉

For those of y’all who love the updates, let’s get on with it. . . shall we? 😀

The cookbook is now AHEAD of schedule!

Amazing what happens when you don’t procrastinate, isn’t it?

I have a total of two pages to complete, and then it’ll be ready to go off to the editor. . . my fabulous mother (who just so happens to be a professional copy editor and proofreader. I know, I hit the jackpot.) 

I have really been loving the time I’ve spent writing. It has been much more fun than I had expected going into this project. I’m enjoying getting this cookbook prepared for y’all, and I hope y’all love reading it and making these goodies as much as I loved writing it and making them here. 😉

Look for the cookbook coming early November (in plenty of time for holiday gift giving — wink, wink) along with more updates on the process between now and then.

Don’t forget to comment below if you found the recipe title. 😉

Have a Fantastic Friday!

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