Want to keep up with Livie’s Gone Gluten Free?

Okay y’all I have some BIG news!

Wanna guess what it is first?

The cookbook is still on, so don’t worry one little bit about that . . .

No, I’m not launching a Gluten Free Bakery . . . yet. Good guess though!


You can now get Livie’s Gone Gluten Free in your email inbox!!

You read that right! You can subscribe to Livie’s Gone Gluten Free!

I’ll just pop into your email box once a day with the newest post from my blog!

Super exciting, right? Tell me you’re excited, please! 😉

That’s right, you won’t even have to click over to my itty bitty website again.

Plus . . . for the first, oh, let’s say 500 subscribers or so . . . there will be some bonus content coming your way soon!

There’s a subscribe button right below my bio to the right of this little post.

Just type in your email, and you’ll be subscribed!

That’s all our news for today. Check back tomorrow for the latest and greatest from Livie’s Gone Gluten Free.

Have a Stupendous Saturday y’all!!

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