Terrific Things Tuesday #8

Hey y’all! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Terrific Things Tuesday here at Livie’s Gone Gluten Free! 😀 Here are some Terrific Things I’m loving this week:
1) Sewing Dolls!
We’ve well established on this little blog of mine that I might as well be five years old. So, after the recent procurement of a sewing machine, we’ve been stitching up a storm over here. One of my new most favorite pastimes is stitching up new “friends”and designing clothes for them. I’ve felt super productive when I’ve taken a pile of fabric and yarn and made it into a doll in an afternoon.Meet Felicity Jane!

2) My New Yarn Storage!
Before you ask . . . no, that’s not all the yarn currently in my possession . . . I may be a yarn addict, but that’s better than drugs, right? Anyway, there are two more storage boxes from Michael’s under the hope chest in my room as well as a bag in the sewing area for hair, but those aren’t nearly as pretty as this:
3) Embroidery:
This kind of relates to number one, but I’ve found that hand stitching is actually quite satisfying. I’ve been creating faces for the dollies over the past couple weeks. Like this one, for example:
4) Prizes!
I worked at Vera Bradley during this past holiday season, which I LOVED.  So, I just worked my last shift for them on Saturday. Because of a contest we were having during my time there I got a prize . . . which just so happened to be the scarf I wore Sunday. It’s the Soft Fringe Scarf in Lucky Dots, and I LOVE it.
5) The Blog Being Featured!
Super fun stuff! I’m now listed under the GF/ AF Bloggers on Gluten Free Mama’s blog! I’m so excited about it, and the opportunity it will bring for more folks to find my little corner of the internet! 😉

That’s all, y’all!

Hope your Tuesday is Tremendous!

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