Papa Murphy’s Gluten Free Pizza Review

So, I previewed today’s blog topic in my post yesterday. But . . .  just in case you missed it . . .  I’m talking about Papa Murphy’s Gluten Free Pizza! Let’s get right to it!

If you’re not familiar with Papa Murphy’s, it is a pizza chain that creates a pie to your specifications at the store so you can take it home and bake it. Depending on your kitchen set up, this opportunity can help you to keep your pizza from cross-contamination while baking.

Now, about the pizza . . . the crust is an Udi’s pizza crust. Like all Papa Murphy’s pizzas,  your customizable pizza pie is put in its own personal baking tray to run down the line of fresh, delicious toppings before being wrapped in plastic and handed to you. From what I’ve seen, the gluten free crusts are stored separately from the glutinous ones, and the employees have always changed gloves before handling my pizza.  As with all restaurants and stores serving both glutinous and gluten free pizza, there is a risk of cross contamination. However, I’m very impressed with Papa Murphy’s safety procedures, and I have yet to encounter any issues from eating their pizza.

Onto the flavor! I firmly believe a good pizza is only as good as the combination of toppings. Luckily enough, we’ve stumbled upon quite a few delicious topping combinations! You see, Papa Murphy’s has a plethora of fantastic options to mix and match until your heart is content. We tend to stick to veggie pizzas for the most part. If you’d like an idea or two for veggie pizza `a la Livie’s Gone Gluten Free . . .  then you’re in luck today! Here are a couple of them:

Banana Peppers, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and Bell Peppers

Zucchini, Spinach, and Sun Dried Tomatoes!

Papa Murphy’s allergen information is listed here, if you’d like to check and see if the toppings of your choice are Gluten Free! 🙂

Overall, I think Papa Murphy’s does an awesome job of keeping their gluten free pizza safe!

Have any of y’all tried it? Let me know if you have in the comments! I always love hearing from y’all. 😀

Have a great evening!!

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