Monsters, Inc. Cupcakes!


Well . . . Sulley cupcakes to be exact, but really, who cares when they’re this cute:


And from the side . . .


My sister made these adorable little cupcakes with the LiveGfree Yellow Cake Mix from Aldi, and then added in a few drops of turquoise food coloring to the batter to make them the pretty color you see above. Then she made cream cheese frosting and added purple food coloring to achieve the gorgeous purple frosting that completes the cupcakes  Sulleyish appearance. 😀


As you can tell, they aren’t an exact or perfect match to Sulley, but they’re pretty close, and would make the PERFECT snack for a movie night . . . assuming you’re watching Monsters, Inc!! 😉 Or another Pixar Movie!

What’s your favorite Pixar Movie? I love Monsters, Inc as much as the next girl, but I’d have to say that my favorite Pixar movie is Brave.

Hope y’all have had a GREAT day!

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