Terrific Things Tuesday!

Another Tuesday, another list of Terrific Things. Here at Livie’s Gone Gluten Free . . . it’s just what we do. 😉

1) My Va Va Bloom Get Carried Away Tote from Vera Bradley!
I know I’ve talked about this bag before . . . but I love it SO much that it’d be unfair to not mention it again. Now, for those of you who know about Vera Bradley . . . you may be thinking “Why do I need a Get Carried Away? I have a Vera already, won’t that hold all I need?” If that thought just crossed through your brain, allow me to show you a couple of the differences between the two bags for a minute.

This is my Vera next to my Get Carried Away:
I use the Get Carried Away for crochet stuff, and don’t use the Vera too often anymore, so I threw a throw size afghan in there to it make stand up. Anyways, here are the bags are from above:
As you can tell, the Get Carried has LOTS more space, and it has more pockets! (Twelve pockets versus the Vera’s eight)
But, my favorite feature of the Get Carried Away is its breakaway zipper which allows for usage as an open tote (like all the pictures I’ve shown you, or you can zip it up for more security.)And, in case you’re super nosy, and want to see what’s in my crochet bag (minus those top two balls of yarn) . . .
Here ya go:

I’ve currently got some dish cloths in process (peach, pink, and yellow/multicolor), as well as a doll (far right), a market bag (blue, far left) , and a hot pad (aqua, in the middle).
2) Cute Snow Gear
I’m not a huge fan of the cold . . . or snow, and firmly believe it’s overstayed its welcome here in East Tennessee, but if you have to be cold you might as well look cute, right? And yes, I am posting pictures from inside and outside so y’all can see the colors in both kinds of light. 😉
Jacket here
Scarf here
Hat from here
3) Fun Spring Jewelry
Spring is just around the corner (I hope) and that means you have an excuse to buy new clothes, right? And we all know you need jewelry to accessorize your new spring wardrobe. Here are a few jewelry pieces that made it on my wish list:
Bloomed Paper Earrings from Noonday Collection
Mediterranean Necklace from Market Colors
Medium Bollywood Cuff in Citrus from Come Together Trading
4) Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls!
In case you missed it . . . I made super tasty Cinnabon Style cinnamon rolls this week! Wanna make your own? Find out how here.
5) Taaluma Totes
I found out about this company on Shark Tank this week, and love EVERY SINGLE THING about them. My favorite bag they have right now is the Ivory Coast Tote. I just love the colors!

That’s all my Terrific Things for this Tuesday!

What are some terrific things y’all have stumbled upon this week? Let me know in the comments!

Hope your Tuesday is Terrific y’all!

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