Fresh Orange Juice!

Orange juice from the local grocery is pretty yummy, don’t get me wrong . . . but do you want to know what’s even better? Fresh squeezed orange juice! The taste is amazing — not to mention there’s only one ingredient . . . ORANGES!

Contrast that with store bought orange juice with its 112 some odd ingredients and that all too popular disclaimer on the front of the package (Made from concentrate). Lol.

Anyway, my grandparents popped in last week on their way back from Florida and brought us . . . Valencia juice oranges! So, needless to say, we made orange juice! 😉 (That is right after stopping in to HomeGoods and picking up a juicer) Our juicer is pretty, pink, and best of all — it’s electric! That means you get juice far more rapidly than if you used one of these:

With far less effort than the juicer above and a couple of oranges . . . I got 10 ounces of orange juice. Yay!


It took me about six medium sized juice oranges to get more than 20 ounces of orange juice. So, I’d call that a success!! If you want a juicer like the one I found at HomeGoods, you’re in luck . . . it’s on Amazon! Next up . . . Ruby Red Grapefruit juice! Yum!

Have any of y’all ever made fresh juice? Let me know in the comments!

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Keep having a Tremendous Thursday, y’all!!

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