At the table together Gluten Free Flour Tortilla Mix

Okay y’all. As you may have noticed, I do quite a few product reviews/product recommendations. So I decided to switch up a bit today and do a sort of anti-product recommendation, or in other words “STEER CLEAR OF THIS PRODUCT”. Today, we’re talking about “At the table together”‘s Gluten Free Flour Tortilla Mix.

In case you’ve never seen it before, the package looks like this:9088743_orig

We found this mix at HomeGoods for $4.49, though it retails for $6.00 in their online store.

The reason I have determined and placed this mix in the “anti-product recommendation” category today is simple . . . it totally flopped. Like, really bad Pinterest fail, can’t possibly bring myself to share the pictures with y’all kind of flopped.

The taste wasn’t absolutely awful once I topped it with some jam, but the texture was super gritty. And instead of pretty, fluffy authentic flour tortillas; they kind of looked like beige (yes, I used that favorite color of grandmas and great-great grandmothers from years ago) dog-chewed frisbees. I followed the directions exactly, and I used some extra Gluten Free All Purpose Flour for dusting while rolling them out, and they didn’t work at all. I don’t know if my mix was wrong or what caused the problem, but they did NOT turn into tortillas. That I can tell you. I was very disappointed considering I expected pretty flour tortillas. Guess I just need to find these locally instead. Oh well. . .

Have any of y’all tried Gluten Free Mixes that turned into total flops? Tell me in the comments if you have!!

Have a Stupendous Saturday, y’all!!

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