Garden Lites (A GFAF Expo review)

We met the sweet folks from Garden Lites at the Expo, and after trying some samples of their newest products, we decided we HAD to pick some up at Target today. See:


Since their products are SO super tasty, I thought I’d tell y’all a little more about them!

Garden Lites is a Classic Cooking, LLC brand based out of Queens, NY that produces delicious vegetable soufflés, and dishes. Since 2008, Garden Lites has raised the bar in healthy foods by delivering full flavor without sacrifice.”

They have some super delicious muffins as well. They’re 1/3 vegetables, and are tasty served warm or at room temperature after defrosting.

Their muffins are available in five flavors:

  • Banana Chocolate Chip
  • Chocolate
  • Blueberry Oat
  • Carrot Berry
  • Golden Corn

All of their products are available in the frozen section of various stores nationwide, including:

  • Target
  • Publix
  • Walmart

You can news keep up with their latest news on their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Everything that we’ve tried of theirs has been delicious, and I’d wholeheartedly recommend their products to you . . . so go check them out! 🙂

Have a Terrific Tuesday y’all!!



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