Target Deals Alert!

While running errands today I popped into Target . . . cause I’m addicted, and was in need of um AIR. 

While shopping, I stumbled upon a couple items on clearance, and thought I’d share them with y’all! It couldn’t hurt to check your store too, am I right? 😉

First off, we’ve got Rice Vinegar, which apparently was initially free, and is now only $0.98! That’s a $13.06 savings on the Amazon price!! 😀IMG_4003Also at Target today . . . their Simply Balanced Gluten Free Corn and Rice Penne Pasta was on sale for $1.81 opposed to it’s regular price of $2.59 which means you’ll save a whopping . . . $0.78!  Who are we kidding though? Gluten Free Pasta under $2 is a HUGE win!! 🙂IMG_4004Be sure to let me know if y’all find these Gluten Free Deals (or any others really) in the comments!!

Have a wonderful day!



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