GlutenAway Sampler Kits!

Y’all! I just HAD to share this with you!

I got my package from GlutenAway today, and I’m so excited to try all the items that were in the Sampler Kits I got!! IMG_4208I mean, who doesn’t want a box of Gluten Free Snacks delivered to their doorstep? It’s all the fun of a subscription box, without the commitment, AND you get to know what’s coming before it arrives, which is FANTASTIC for control freaks like me. 😉

In case you were wondering, I got the Spring Fling Kit, and the Celiac Awareness Month Free Kit, products from both may end up in a review post soon, so stay tuned for that. Overall, this is an awesome way to try new products. If you want an easy way to find new Gluten Free snacks . . . check out GlutenAway Sampler Kits!

As usual, all recommendations here on the blog are solely my opinion. I don’t think GlutenAway has ANY idea who I am.

Have a great day!



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