Summer makes Gluten Free Easy!!!

I LOVE the Farmer’s Market, but y’all know that already! 😉

We have been loving our local farmer’s market this summer, and are enjoying the bounty of available produce! And with the bounty of produce, comes a plethora of Gluten Free Deliciousness! Such as our FAVORITE summer meal . . . corn and tomatoes.


We get fresh corn from the farmer’s market, as well as the tomatoes. Then, once we return home, we get everything ready and serve the meal.


What you see above is the beautiful array of tomatoes we purchased. Our favorite varieties have been: Empire, Lemon Boy, and Striped German.

I love all of these great naturally, gluten free options, and am thoroughly enjoying the expansive selection of summer food options!

What are y’all’s favorite summer vegetables? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day, y’all!



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