Aldi: What is it?

Okay y’all, I’ve decided to make my posts on Aldi into a series. Welcome to Part One!

Today, we’re going to talk about what Aldi is, and the differences between their store and some other grocery chains.

It’s a grocery store with a twist. Everything about Aldi is set up to keep their costs down so they can pass their savings onto you.

The first thing you’ll notice is you have to “rent” your buggy. Basically, all the buggies are chained together, and you put in a quarter to release a buggy. Upon returning it back to the buggy park and hooking it back in with its friends, you get your quarter back. Simple. It’s just a way for Aldi to cut costs by not having to pay their employees to collect buggies from their parking lot or worry about lost buggies and other damages in relation to runaway buggies.

Another thing you’ll notice is that most of their products aren’t unboxed and out on displays and shelves like at your average grocery store. They are set up in their shipping boxes. This choice keeps their employees from having to unpack inventory to get it to the shelves. Again these proactive choices save  Aldi money, and in turn, ends up saving you money.

The last thing I’m going to talk about today is checkout. At Aldi they don’t bag your groceries. Your cashier will put them into a buggy for you. Bags are available for you to purchase for a small price, or you can bring your own bags. There’s even an area right near the check outs for you to bag your own groceries, which is handy when it’s cold or rainy. On nice days, we just take the buggy to the car and load our items right into our reusable bags we keep in the trunk.

Don’t forget to take that buggy back to park with its friends! It’ll be right there where you need it for the next time.

That’s all about Aldi for today! Check back for Part Two soon!


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