Pi Day is approaching.


Now, I’ve never been a big fan of math. In fact, if you type Pi in my Google Search Bar . . . it suggests Pinterest. But, even I can appreciate the coolness of tomorrow’s date: 3/14/15 which coordinates with the first five digits of . . . pi. I swear I’m telling the truth. See:


So, check back here tomorrow. Because in honor of Pi Day we’ll be talking about all kinds of . . . PIE! It’s just how I roll.


Happy Pi Day Eve Y’all!

National Talk Like a Pirate Day (in which I talk like a Pirate)

Arrgh, me mateys! In light of “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, let’s talk about some sea faring ways to celebrate!

1) Pirates Booty 
Alright, me gold digging scalawags, here’s your chance to get a peek at a bit of me treasure. Buy yerself a bag of me booty at yer local grocery store. The White Cheddar be’s me favorite.

2) Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 
This be’s an obvious suggestion, but don’t knock it. It can get ye in the mood fer some real Piratey banter!

3) Brush up on the Pirate Banter!
Go check out this site for “Talk like a Pirate Day”, and learn yerself some Pirate Lingo: International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

4) Wear Yerself an Eyepatch
It’ll bring ye to the right mood fer scalawag banter!! Thar be some cool ones here: Pirate Eye Patches

5) Color Some Pirate Coloring Pages
Well, shiver me timbers, yer never too old to color yerself a picture er two. Here be’s some coloring pages fer ye dirty dogs.
Hope ye’ve found yerself some swell ideas here on me blog!
Happy “Talk Like a Pirate Day” you scalawags!Fair winds!