Nona Lim . . . a review!


As promised yesterday . . . today will be a review for Nona Lim broth and noodles!

Nona Lim’s goal is to make simply delicious, convenient whole foods. They use clean, responsibly sourced ingredients to ensure that the very best tasting products end up on your table. Best of all, their products are made from scratch in using real ingredients.

They encourage you to be creative with their products, and add in your favorite veggies. I added in some spinach, fresh cilantro, two baby portobello mushrooms, some coconut oil, rice vinegar, and a splash of soy sauce. Which resulted in this:


Preparation was super simple. All you have to do is blanch the Laksa Noodles and add them into the Miso Ramen Broth along with your other ingredients, then heat everything together until it’s all uniformly hot.

The texture of the Laksa Noodles was good. They didn’t get mushy during cooking, or anything of the sort. I even left it all together to store overnight, and they still weren’t mushy.

The noodles and miso broth were really tasty overall. I really enjoyed the combination I created with the broth and veggies, and the noodles complemented it all really well.

Overall, I was very impressed with everything I tried from Nona Lim, and am hoping to find more of their products in a store near me soon. 🙂

Have an awesome day y’all!!



Nona Lim Preview!

Tomorrow, there will be a review here on the blog for Nona Lim! I’m so excited to share this product with y’all that I thought I’d give you a quick snapshot of what I’ll be reviewing. Without further ado . . .  a review preview!! 🙂


The products above are what I will be reviewing! Nona Lim‘s Laksa Noodles and Miso Ramen Broth. I added in two chopped mushrooms, some cilantro, a splash of lime juice, a bit of rice vinegar, and a spoonful of coconut oil. Which resulted in this . . .


If you want my thoughts on all of the Nona Lim products, check back here tomorrow!