Happy Sunday y’all!!

Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

1 John 4:4

Lyrics are in the video!

Have a blessed day y’all!



Quick and Easy Gluten Free Breakfasts!

I thought I’d share a few simple, Gluten Free breakfast ideas that can be thrown together in about five minutes. 🙂

1) Half of an Udi’s Plain Bagel with Peanut Butter and Apple Butter along with 1/2 a banana, 4 cherries, 2 strawberries, and 8 grapes:IMG_42582) Toasted Gluten Free Rudi’s Multigrain Bread with Mashed Avocado and a drizzle of honey!IMG_41733) Cherries, Grapes, and CantaloupeIMG_41654) Cherries, Strawberries, and Grapes along with 1/2 cup of Cottage Cheese topped with Banana SlicesIMG_42415) Gluten Free Chex Honey Nut Granola sprinkled on a Blueberry Acai Fage yogurt with a Bai5 drink! (For the record. .. this is the simplest one on here, just grab the stuff at the grocery store, mix granola in the yogurt, and bam! You’re ready to go!!)IMG_3490I hope these suggestions give you some help the next time you need breakfast in a hurry! Let me know what your go to quick and easy Gluten Free breakfast is in the comments!

Have a Splendid Saturday y’all!!



National Doughnut Day!!

Okay y’all! Let’s face it . . . eating Gluten Free isn’t always the easiest, especially when you can’t participate in fun events like National Doughnut Day. In order to help in finding substitutes for doughnuts, I thought I’d share some recipes I’ve found for Gluten Free Doughnuts!

1) Glazed Gluten Free Doughnuts! 

Find the recipe here from Sincerely Caroline!

2) Honey Glazed Gluten Free Doughnuts

Find the recipe here on Hogwash!

3) Gluten Free Chocolate Eclairs (They’re totally doughnuts . . . right?)

Find the recipe here on Glutenista’s blog!

4) Gluten Free Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Find them on the Smashed Peas and Carrots website!

And, if you don’t want to make your own doughnuts . . . try this:

5) Gluten Free Doughnuts from Kinnikinnick Foods

Find those here!

Regardless of how you celebrate National Doughnut Day, I hope you have a fabulous one!

Have a Fabulous Friday y’all!



I found Marilyn’s Gluten Free Gourmet/ American GraFrutti here in Knoxville!

So, I’ve written about my love of Marilyn’s Gluten Free Gourmet before, but I had yet to see them in stores locally until the past couple days!

Yesterday at Kroger I found their Traditional Cheese Straws, and Gourmet GrahamsIMG_4261Then, today at Whole Foods I found their classic Bubble Bread Mix, and an assortment of cakes and cupcakes in the freezer section.IMG_4278I was SO thrilled to find these products around town, and am looking forward to trying them in the future!

Have y’all found any products from American GraFrutti/ Marilyn’s Gluten Free Gourmet near you? Let me know in the comments!

Have a Terrific Thursday y’all!



Frozen Yogurt Bites!

Want a quick summer snack? Well . . . here ya go!

  1. IMG_4264Grab a package of 4 yogurt cups. I picked both Raspberry Chocolate, and Caramel Macchiato.
  2. Scrape the yogurt from one package (four yogurt cups) into a gallon size bag.
  3. Line a few trays with wax paper (make sure they aren’t wider than your freezer, if you don’t have trays that work, try an old cereal box or something similar. You just need a flat surface that can be put in the freezer.)
  4. Cut the corner off of your bag and pipe quarter size dots of yogurt onto the wax paper. IMG_4266
  5. Once you’ve piped all your yogurt onto trays, put them in your freezer for about 30 to 45 minutes.
  6. After they’re frozen solid, peel them off the wax paper and toss them in a freezer safe gallon size bag. Keep them in the freezer, and grab a few as a cool snack whenever you want!! 🙂

The Caramel Macchiato ones are below. I ended up with 120 of those.


All the Yogurt Bites together:

IMG_4277Out of 8 cups of yogurt, I got around 240 yogurt bites. Which means one cup of yogurt makes 30 bites and you can have 30 bites for 80 calories! 🙂

What are some cool summer snacks y’all are making? Share your favorites in the comments below!! 🙂

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!



GlutenAway Sampler Kits!

Y’all! I just HAD to share this with you!

I got my package from GlutenAway today, and I’m so excited to try all the items that were in the Sampler Kits I got!! IMG_4208I mean, who doesn’t want a box of Gluten Free Snacks delivered to their doorstep? It’s all the fun of a subscription box, without the commitment, AND you get to know what’s coming before it arrives, which is FANTASTIC for control freaks like me. 😉

In case you were wondering, I got the Spring Fling Kit, and the Celiac Awareness Month Free Kit, products from both may end up in a review post soon, so stay tuned for that. Overall, this is an awesome way to try new products. If you want an easy way to find new Gluten Free snacks . . . check out GlutenAway Sampler Kits!

As usual, all recommendations here on the blog are solely my opinion. I don’t think GlutenAway has ANY idea who I am.

Have a great day!



Because of Who You Are

For in this way there will be richly provided for you an entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 1:11

Hope y’all have a Blessed Sunday!



The Great Key Lime Debate

So, I picked up some Key Limes at Kroger because I got an awesome deal, and am now having major issues deciding what dessert to make with them.


I thought I’d ask which of these glutenous recipes you’d like to see a Gluten Free version of here on the blog!

Raspberry Key Lime Pie from Grandbaby Cakes

Mini Key Lime Pies from The Recipe Critic

Key Lime Pound Cake from Rosetta Bakes!

If you’d like to vote, leave a comment, and tell me which dessert sounds tastiest to you!!

Have a Stupendous Saturday!!



Raw Revolution Glo Bars Review!

IMG_4030So, I previewed this post yesterday, but today I’ll be reviewing Glo Bars from Raw Revolution! These are organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO bars comprised of Raw Superfoods. I was sent three flavors to try: Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, and  Mixed Nuts, Caramel & Sea Salt. As usual though, all opinions expressed within this review are mine and mine alone. That being said, let’s just hop on into our review!

Flavor: All three flavors are unique in composition, but my favorite was the Mixed Nuts, Caramel & Sea Salt. Its flavor is well balanced between nuts and caramel, with just a hint of sea salt to balance everything out. Out of ten stars, I’d give the flavor a seven.

Texture: Not the greatest. They’re a bit oily, and have a kind of gritty after texture. I found the texture really disappointing overall. Three out of ten stars. The Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt one is shown below!!


Convenience: They’re super easy to just toss in your bag and eat on the run. Whether you need a meal, or just a snack these are great for on the go. Except for the Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt one. The chocolate gets a bit melty. 6/10 stars.


Overall: These bars were okay, but not fantastic. I was kind of disappointed by them, and am unsure of whether or not I’d purchase these in the future.

If y’all have tried these, let me know what you thought of them in the comments!

Have a Terrific Thursday, y’all!



Tomorrow on Livie’s Gone Gluten Free!

Okie dokie y’all . . . I’ve been thinking A LOT about the way my blog is set up, and have decided that I need to limit the number of reviews I post in a week. So, there’s a new format happening here on Livie’s Gluten Free. Starting tomorrow, Thursday’s will be Review Days here on the blog. I’ll try to limit my reviews to one brand/ product per week, but if I just can’t hold off on sharing an AWESOME product or brand with y’all, there may be multiple product reviews within a post!

As for tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing Raw Revolution Glo Bars!! The folks at Raw Revolution were nice enough to send me a few products to try, and I’ll tell y’all my thoughts about them in my review tomorrow!


Have a wonderful Wednesday y’all!!