Terrific Things Tuesday #8

Hey y’all! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Terrific Things Tuesday here at Livie’s Gone Gluten Free! ūüėÄ Here are some Terrific Things I’m loving this week:
1) Sewing Dolls!
We’ve well¬†established on this little blog of mine that I might as well be five years old. So, after the recent procurement of a¬†sewing machine, we’ve been stitching up a storm over here. One of my new most favorite pastimes is stitching up new “friends”and designing clothes for them. I’ve felt super productive when I’ve taken a pile of fabric and yarn and made it into a doll in an afternoon.Meet Felicity Jane!

2) My New Yarn Storage!
Before you ask . . . no, that’s not all the yarn currently in my possession . . . I may be a yarn addict, but that’s better than drugs, right? Anyway, there are two more storage boxes from¬†Michael’s¬†under the hope chest in my room as well as a bag in the sewing area for hair, but those aren’t nearly as pretty as this:
3) Embroidery:
This kind of relates to number one, but I’ve found that hand stitching is actually quite satisfying. I’ve been creating faces for the dollies over the past couple weeks. Like this one, for example:
4) Prizes!
I worked at Vera Bradley during this past holiday season, which I LOVED. ¬†So, I just worked my last shift for them on Saturday. Because of a contest we were having during my time there I got a prize . . . which just so happened to be the scarf I wore Sunday. It’s the¬†Soft Fringe Scarf in Lucky Dots, and I LOVE it.
5) The Blog Being Featured!
Super fun stuff! I’m now listed under the¬†GF/ AF Bloggers on Gluten Free Mama’s blog! I’m so excited about it, and the opportunity it will bring for more folks to find my little corner of the internet! ūüėČ

That’s all, y’all!

Hope your Tuesday is Tremendous!

Terrific Things Tuesday #3!?

What’s a day without a Terrific Things Tuesday!? Just another day of the week. ūüėČ
Y’all know how this works so. . . let’s look into what things make¬†THIS¬†Tuesday Terrific! ūüėČ

1) This Song. 
I have fairly eclectic tastes in music. My iTunes playlists tend to range from the folksy vibe of¬†Nickel Creek¬†to a little more alternative rock by¬†U2,¬†and mellow worship music from¬†Kari Jobe. ¬†Recently though, I’ve been listening to more indie rock, and my¬†Ben Howard¬†Playlist has gotten lots of play. I’m really enjoying this song. It’s fun and happy, and I just REALLY like it at the moment.

2) Aldi Spinach Bites
These were on special buy, and basically they’re spinach and potato nuggets. They are SO yummy, and I’ll be sad when my local Aldi runs out of them.¬†Aldi, are you listening? More spinach bites, please! They’re Gluten Free. And as with most foods I like, they were targeted at children — ’cause I am still channeling my inner five year old. Y’all! They’re even shaped like teddy bears, and stars, and dinos! Anyways, I did have apple cider with my lunch as opposed to the classic preschool-prescribed apple juice. That’s gotta give me some maturity points, right? ūüėČ Also, I put cheddar cheese on them ’cause it makes them taste like a dish we make called Spinach Potatoes. (Creative, I know.) Basically, these are Spinach Potato Bites! *claps*


3) Anne of Green Gables!
I adore this movie, as well as the books, but that’s beside the point . . . We watched¬†Anne of Avonlea¬†the other day, and OBVIOUSLY I¬†had¬†to search Anne on Pinterest! Go search Gilbert + Hey girl. SO stinking funny!¬†Here’s¬†one of my FAVORITES! ūüėČ


4) Whole Foods Confetti Cake
Okay y’all, I was SOOOO excited when I found out¬†Whole Foods¬†was coming to Knoxville, because I’d seen¬†these cakes¬†before and thought “Hmm, maybe Whole Foods will be open by my birthday, and I can have a Confetti Cake, ’cause those are so ADORABLE!” Well, the closer we get to my birthday (November 1st) the more it looks like that’s not gonna happen.¬†Boo,¬†Whole Foods! Boo. I’m just jesting, and am sure I will love Whole Foods in spite of their later opening date.

5) The Puff Hexagon Stitch.
This currently seems attainable. Additionally though, I have yet to try it. But, If I can make it work, it could make SUCH cute stuff! Blankets, scarves, a sweater for Ava. . . ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! And the¬†picture¬†below has pretty colors to boot! I’ll let y’all know if I attempt it any time soon!

That’s all the Terrific Things for this Tuesday!

Check back soon for more fun things!

What was your favorite thing on this list? Let me know in the comments!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, y’all!!

Some Stuff I “Need” To Try (Crafts Edition)

As y’all know, my addiction to¬†Pinterest¬†is real, and¬†last week¬†we explored some food I’m looking forward to recipe testing soon. So, I figured this week we’d do the crafts version! By the way, y’all can find¬†my Pinterest here. Without further ado, here are a few things I plan to try soon from¬†Pinterest¬†in the area of getting crafty.

1) Texas Lilly Inspired Painting:
I’m shocked I hadn’t found this already, but I definitely need to add it to my gallery wall in my room soon! Look how pretty it is! I mean, I know I’m biased, but who doesn’t love bluebonnets? Really now. I suppose you could also adapt it to the state you hold dear, but mine will definitely look a whole lot like this one. Born in Texas = Always a Texan! By the way, there’s no tutorial on it. The pin just links to the picture.¬†See?¬†¬†It doesn’t look too hard. . . maybe I’ll give it a go sometime in the next couple weeks.


2) The Granny Bobble Spiral Square:
I envision this as a fantastic fall project, and when you finish it; it’ll keep you warm through the winter. I’m also digging these colors! So pretty together. Also reminds me of the colors of¬†this place, but no time for froyo right now! Find the picture and tutorial¬†here¬†and¬†the original pin¬†here.


3) Tassel Garlands:
I think these would be perfect trim for my desk in my room. Such a fun addition, right? Original pin here. Tutorial and picture here.


4) Paint Chip Calendar:
I’m a big fan of dry erase calendars and of color. This combines my obsessive organizer and color lover beautifully, hence why I “NEED” to make it. ūüėČ No tutorial, but you can find the picture¬†here. Original pin¬†here. It looks fairly simple. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial.


5) Painted Pumpkins:
What kind of crafty October post would this be if I didn’t mention pumpkins!? Well, now I have. I’m LOVING this Lilly Pulitzer-inspired one at the moment, but still need to decide if that’s THE style I’m doing for my pumpkin this fall. ūüôā By the way, the picture is as in depth as the “how to” gets. Original pin¬†here. Picture and “how to”¬†here.


Well, that’s all for today, y’all! Hope you found a couple bits of crafty inspiration!

Would y’all want a tutorial on the paint chip calendar? Let me know in the comments! ūüėČ

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!