Strawberry Yogurt Pupsicles


Popsicles for the pupster = Pupsicles! Get it? ūüėČ


It’s getting hotter outside, and you can’t forget your furry friends need to cool down, right? Well, if you’re a crazy dog lady like me, then you make your dog popsicles. Lol.


These have a whole two ingredients:

  • yogurt
  • mashed strawberries

That’s it.


I mixed 3/4 of a 32 oz tub of vanilla yogurt (you could use plain yogurt too. The less sugar, the better) with a cup of mashed strawberries in a gallon size bag, cut the corner off, and filled plastic punch cups halfway full with the mixture. Then, stuck them in my freezer.


After about an hour . . . I took some milkshake straws, cut them in half, and inserted them into each popsicle. Then, I let them continue to freeze until they were solid.

After they’re frozen you can¬†serve them to your pupster! I’m pretty sure they’ll like it!


Now, I don’t let her eat the whole thing at once. One popsicle is about three servings for her, but obviously it’d be less for any dog that isn’t an 8 lb MaltiPoo.

Do y’all make treats for your dogs? Share the recipe in the comments!!

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Have a Terrific Tuesday y’all!!