Upcoming Gluten Free Products!

So, after my brief sabbatical due to illness . . . I have returned to the blogosphere to share some AWESOME news with y’all!!

There’s a new cereal coming to join the Gluten Free Community, y’all!! Do you recognize the cereal in the picture below?

That’s right . . . Lucky Charms are going Gluten Free!! 🙂

Let’s be honest though, we all are WAY more excited about these:

Than the actual cereal. Lol.

If you want to read more of the logistics, read General Mills official announcement here.

According to the announcement, they will be available labelled Gluten Free by September, which I find quite exciting, because Lucky Charms are always fun on occasion.

Have a Tremendous Thursday y’all!



Welcome to liviesgoneglutenfree.com!

I took the plunge y’all! I now have my own website. No .weebly.com anymore. Simply http://liviesgoneglutenfree.com 🙂 and I’m so excited you’re here! This site is up to date with all my posts from February on, as well as some earlier archives. Everything else will slowly make it’s way over here after the expo, but I wanted to make sure that all of my expo related posts were here first. 😉

Also, you know those business cards I’ve been chatting about?1428450431

Now you can see the backs of them, too . . . ready?

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.53.15 AM

What do you think? Pretty cool, right?

Anyways, from now on all new posts can be found right here! 🙂

I’ll be sure to update y’all when the posts are all over here, but until then . . . the weebly site will be open in case y’all need something from over there!! 😀

On another note, if you need tickets for the GFAF Expo, check here!

All tickets purchased online through 4/17 (tomorrow) are 20% off with the code ADVANCE!


Have a wonderful day y’all! Check back here tomorrow for a new blog post!



(P.S. If my blog is in your bookmarks bar, be sure to update the link!)

New Friends in the Gluten Free Community!

Enjoy Life Foods is an awesome brand within the Gluten Free Community, offering foods free from the Top 8 allergens. Big news . . . really big . . . Today . . . they made the announcement that they will be joining the Mondelez International (the owners of TobleroneStride, and Cadbury as well as a large range of other companies) family. This means that they’ll have additional distribution and a myriad of other awesome benefits. Read more about Enjoy Life’s take on it here.
Additionally, if you’d like to read Mondelez International’s Press Release, find it here.

I think this is going to be an awesome partnership, and I am excited to see what’s to come for Enjoy Life Foods in the long run of their relationship with Mondelez!

Do y’all have a favorite product from Enjoy Life Foods?
Out of the things I’ve tried, my favorite would have to be their Sugar Crisp cookies. They’re quite tasty.

I’d love to hear what y’all’s favorite product is!! Please let me know in the comments below!

Hope y’all have had a Marvelous Monday!!

Udi’s New Gluten Free Products!

Y’all! Udi’s went public today with a few new products, and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited to try some of it.
Let’s take a look at their new products, shall we?

Italian Skillet Meals:

  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Ziti & Meatballs
  • Chicken Florentine
  • Chicken Alfredo

Breakfast Burritos:

  • Egg, Sausage & Cheddar
  • Uncured Bacon & Cheddar
  • Chicken Apple Sausage
  • Egg White, Southwest Veggies & Cheese

Lunch Burritos:

  • Bean & Green Chile
  • Chicken
  • Spicy Southwest Veggie
  • Steak

I think these will be a fun addition to the ever growing amount of Gluten Free Options in your local grocery store.

The Chicken Florentine Meal sounds yummy!
What are y’all excited to try? Let me know in the comments!! 🙂

If you want descriptions of the new products, be sure to check out Udi’s Announcement!

Talk to y’all later!!