Terrific Things Tuesday!

Hey y’all!! It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a Terrific Things Tuesday, so I thought I’d do a new one, and highlight some cool products I’ve found! 🙂

1) The Elephant Pants!

These are SO fun. There’s a variety of styles and colors, and each pair donates $1 or $2 to help save elephants. Plus, they’re not terribly expensive with most pairs running around $30 including shipping. These are currently my favorites:

2) The Westward Bag from Noonday Collection

This bag is made by artisans in India and empowers them with a dignified job to provide for themselves, and their families. Besides the good it does, it’s quite pretty, and has an awesome pop of color with the mirrored tassel. It also is large enough to use as a carry on when you’re traveling.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.28.00 PM3) Celestial Seasonings Recycled “Art Work” Tote

This tote bag will help you reduce your carbon footprint, and is pretty to boot! Basically, Celestial Seasonings tea company took some of their tea box designs, and collaged them onto a reusable tote bag for groceries. I have one and LOVE it. It’s super sturdy yet lightweight and flexible enough to fold up and keep in my purse. 🙂 Plus, I get complements on it ALL the time because it’s so unique.

4) Navy Polka Dot Linen Classics from TOMS!

These are just adorable, and I need them in my fall wardrobe. That’s all.

5) Tree Free Greetings Notecards

Continuing the Save the Planet theme from the reusable tote, I give you . . . 100% recycled notecards. The art of letter-writing is almost extinct, why not do your part to bring it back with one of these pretty notecards? 😉 There are 12 packed in a cute tin box enclosed in which you’ll find three different designs. (The dragonfly is my favorite.)

That’s all the terrificness one post can handle so . . .

Have a Terrific Tuesday y’all! I will see you back here tomorrow!



Terrific Things Tuesday . . . Texas Crafts Edition

Y’all know how much I adore my home state . . .  because, as you may know, Texas IS the greatest state in the union! 😉 In honor of that, I thought I’d share some fun Texas crafts I’ve found recently!

1) Deep in the Heart of Texas Canvas!

If your calligraphy is awesome, you may want to try this project. For those of us with not fantastic calligraphy skills . . . buy it from Colors on Canvas on Etsy!

2) Button Art!! 

I think this is adorable! Just sketch an out line of Texas on your canvas, and attach gems and buttons in the appropriate areas! 🙂 Idea from Stage Right Creations on Etsy!

3) License Plate Art

For that pile of Texas license plates you have multiplying in the corner. Lol. 😉 Idea from GreenSky Decorative Arts!

4) String Art!

Tutorial at Semi-DIY! Go check it out!

5) Coffee Table Tray

An awesome way to repurpose an old drawer! And who doesn’t love map art? 🙂 Tutorial at Craft Dictator!

Hope y’all have a Terrific Tuesday!



Terrific Things Tuesday!

It has been quite awhile since I’ve done a Terrific Things Tuesday, and I figured today was as good as any to restart our Terrific Tuesdays! 😀

If your new around here and wondering . . . “What the heck is a Terrific Tuesday?” allow me to explain: Most Tuesdays here at Livie’s Gone Gluten Free have a “Terrific Things Tuesday Post!” it’s basically a compilation of 3 to 6 things I’ve seen/ read/ tasted over the past week that I’ve deemed terrific. Anything crafty, Gluten Free, monogrammed, Texas related, pink, Gilmore Girls, and anywhere in between is fair game for “terrificness!” 😉 Sometimes there’s a theme, most of the time there’s not one. Regardless of the arrangement, Tuesdays are Terrific here at Livie’s Gone Gluten Free. So, come on in and see if you find anything cool! 😀

1) Balanced Breaks

If you’ve been Gluten Free for more than a month, you’re fully aware of how necessary it is to have safe snacks available at all times. And while I’ve shared multiple snack options to keep in your purse, locker, car, or desk. I thought I’d throw one out there that needs to be refrigerated. These would be perfect for when your running out the door to an event and saying “Crud! I forgot to eat something safe just in case.” because you don’t want to deal with this: Or whenever you need a quick jolt of protein. These Balanced Breaks from Sargento have cheese, dried fruit, and nuts. They come three snacks to a pack, and have multiple flavor options:

My favorite one that I’ve tried so far is the White Cheddar with Almonds and Cranberries!

2) Gluten Free Tips

We’re all on this Gluten Free journey together, and I’m always interested in learning about different tips and tricks to make Gluten Free Living simpler. From what I’ve read so far, that’s what The Celiac Cookbook and Survival Guide by Pam Jordan (of I’m A Celiac) is. And, to make it better . . . the Kindle version is currently free on Amazon through May 22nd! Go grab it here3) Gluten Free Humor

On days that living Gluten Free just stinks a whole lot, it’s nice to see that there are other folks in your boat. I typically just Google Gluten Free memes when I need a laugh, and some of them are quite funny! 🙂 4) Enjoy Life Foods Sugar Crisp Crunchy Cookies

Speaking of cookies . . . have I mentioned that I love these before? Well, darn . . . because I’m going to again. I love these cookies. There’s nothing flavor-free about them. They’re just super tasty. That’s all. 🙂

5) Bare Belly Organics Lip Balm

I’m addicted to my orange lip balm from Bare Belly Organics. It works well, and smells good without smelling like a jelly bean factory. It’s just fantastic. The end!

Have a Terrific Tuesday y’all!!



St. Patrick’s Day makes for a Terrific Tuesday!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all! In relation to this, all of our Terrific Things for today are . . . GREEN!! 😉

1) Key Lime Pie!!
Tart, tasty, and summery. . . what more can you want!? I’m planning on trying this recipe soon. Isn’t the end result pretty?

2) Apple Coasters
These are adorable, and are on my list of things to make for this summer! 😀

3) Green Tea Limeade
It’s starting to warm up here in Tennessee, which means that the quest for a tasty cold drink has begun. I believe this has made the list of contenders!

4) Mojito Madness Nail Polish by Essie
Pretty and springy, I’m in love with this color!

5) Market Totes
The season for Farmer’s Markets is beginning, and I’m planning on whipping up a few of these for fresh produce!

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day has been wonderful!
See y’all back here tomorrow. 😉

Terrific Things Tuesday! (Give Back Edition)

Today, in a slight variation of the regular Terrific Things Tuesday . . .  every single product/ company listed today has a give back element! 😀

1) Sseko Designs
Their classic ribbon sandals can be styled a bunch of different ways, and once you have a base . . . the straps can be switched out, and best of all . . . they’re made by women in Uganda to help raise money for College Education. Aren’t these cute? Also, they make bags, scarves and wallets. My favorite bag is this one. It’s just so bright and happy. 🙂


2) Punjammies
These super cute pajama bottoms and tops made by women in India who wish to remain free from sex slavery. My favorites are the Veera pants below.


3) Sevenly
This company hosts a new campaign every week for a different cause. And $7 out of every item purchased is donated toward that charity. This week’s featured charity is Freedom Firm, and I love this shirt:


4) TOMS Bags
Almost everyone knows about TOMS, but what you may not know is that they’ve added a line of bags that with every purchase gives health care to provide a safe birth for a mother and child in need. My favorite bag in the line is this one.


5) Bravelets
Fun jewelry with different causes. Basically, once at the Bravelet site, you can pick a cause, and a portion of the profits go towards that cause . . . for example, Celiac Disease. If you buy the bracelet pictured below, they’ll donate $10 to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness!


Do any of y’all have a favorite company that gives back? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Hope y’all had a Terrific Tuesday!!

Terrific Things Tuesday!

Another Tuesday, another list of Terrific Things. Here at Livie’s Gone Gluten Free . . . it’s just what we do. 😉

1) My Va Va Bloom Get Carried Away Tote from Vera Bradley!
I know I’ve talked about this bag before . . . but I love it SO much that it’d be unfair to not mention it again. Now, for those of you who know about Vera Bradley . . . you may be thinking “Why do I need a Get Carried Away? I have a Vera already, won’t that hold all I need?” If that thought just crossed through your brain, allow me to show you a couple of the differences between the two bags for a minute.

This is my Vera next to my Get Carried Away:
I use the Get Carried Away for crochet stuff, and don’t use the Vera too often anymore, so I threw a throw size afghan in there to it make stand up. Anyways, here are the bags are from above:
As you can tell, the Get Carried has LOTS more space, and it has more pockets! (Twelve pockets versus the Vera’s eight)
But, my favorite feature of the Get Carried Away is its breakaway zipper which allows for usage as an open tote (like all the pictures I’ve shown you, or you can zip it up for more security.)And, in case you’re super nosy, and want to see what’s in my crochet bag (minus those top two balls of yarn) . . .
Here ya go:

I’ve currently got some dish cloths in process (peach, pink, and yellow/multicolor), as well as a doll (far right), a market bag (blue, far left) , and a hot pad (aqua, in the middle).
2) Cute Snow Gear
I’m not a huge fan of the cold . . . or snow, and firmly believe it’s overstayed its welcome here in East Tennessee, but if you have to be cold you might as well look cute, right? And yes, I am posting pictures from inside and outside so y’all can see the colors in both kinds of light. 😉
Jacket here
Scarf here
Hat from here
3) Fun Spring Jewelry
Spring is just around the corner (I hope) and that means you have an excuse to buy new clothes, right? And we all know you need jewelry to accessorize your new spring wardrobe. Here are a few jewelry pieces that made it on my wish list:
Bloomed Paper Earrings from Noonday Collection
Mediterranean Necklace from Market Colors
Medium Bollywood Cuff in Citrus from Come Together Trading
4) Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls!
In case you missed it . . . I made super tasty Cinnabon Style cinnamon rolls this week! Wanna make your own? Find out how here.
5) Taaluma Totes
I found out about this company on Shark Tank this week, and love EVERY SINGLE THING about them. My favorite bag they have right now is the Ivory Coast Tote. I just love the colors!

That’s all my Terrific Things for this Tuesday!

What are some terrific things y’all have stumbled upon this week? Let me know in the comments!

Hope your Tuesday is Terrific y’all!

Terrific Things Tuesday #8

Hey y’all! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Terrific Things Tuesday here at Livie’s Gone Gluten Free! 😀 Here are some Terrific Things I’m loving this week:
1) Sewing Dolls!
We’ve well established on this little blog of mine that I might as well be five years old. So, after the recent procurement of a sewing machine, we’ve been stitching up a storm over here. One of my new most favorite pastimes is stitching up new “friends”and designing clothes for them. I’ve felt super productive when I’ve taken a pile of fabric and yarn and made it into a doll in an afternoon.Meet Felicity Jane!

2) My New Yarn Storage!
Before you ask . . . no, that’s not all the yarn currently in my possession . . . I may be a yarn addict, but that’s better than drugs, right? Anyway, there are two more storage boxes from Michael’s under the hope chest in my room as well as a bag in the sewing area for hair, but those aren’t nearly as pretty as this:
3) Embroidery:
This kind of relates to number one, but I’ve found that hand stitching is actually quite satisfying. I’ve been creating faces for the dollies over the past couple weeks. Like this one, for example:
4) Prizes!
I worked at Vera Bradley during this past holiday season, which I LOVED.  So, I just worked my last shift for them on Saturday. Because of a contest we were having during my time there I got a prize . . . which just so happened to be the scarf I wore Sunday. It’s the Soft Fringe Scarf in Lucky Dots, and I LOVE it.
5) The Blog Being Featured!
Super fun stuff! I’m now listed under the GF/ AF Bloggers on Gluten Free Mama’s blog! I’m so excited about it, and the opportunity it will bring for more folks to find my little corner of the internet! 😉

That’s all, y’all!

Hope your Tuesday is Tremendous!

Terrific Things Tuesday #3!?

What’s a day without a Terrific Things Tuesday!? Just another day of the week. 😉
Y’all know how this works so. . . let’s look into what things make THIS Tuesday Terrific! 😉

1) This Song. 
I have fairly eclectic tastes in music. My iTunes playlists tend to range from the folksy vibe of Nickel Creek to a little more alternative rock by U2, and mellow worship music from Kari Jobe.  Recently though, I’ve been listening to more indie rock, and my Ben Howard Playlist has gotten lots of play. I’m really enjoying this song. It’s fun and happy, and I just REALLY like it at the moment.

2) Aldi Spinach Bites
These were on special buy, and basically they’re spinach and potato nuggets. They are SO yummy, and I’ll be sad when my local Aldi runs out of them. Aldi, are you listening? More spinach bites, please! They’re Gluten Free. And as with most foods I like, they were targeted at children — ’cause I am still channeling my inner five year old. Y’all! They’re even shaped like teddy bears, and stars, and dinos! Anyways, I did have apple cider with my lunch as opposed to the classic preschool-prescribed apple juice. That’s gotta give me some maturity points, right? 😉 Also, I put cheddar cheese on them ’cause it makes them taste like a dish we make called Spinach Potatoes. (Creative, I know.) Basically, these are Spinach Potato Bites! *claps*


3) Anne of Green Gables!
I adore this movie, as well as the books, but that’s beside the point . . . We watched Anne of Avonlea the other day, and OBVIOUSLY I had to search Anne on Pinterest! Go search Gilbert + Hey girl. SO stinking funny! Here’s one of my FAVORITES! 😉


4) Whole Foods Confetti Cake
Okay y’all, I was SOOOO excited when I found out Whole Foods was coming to Knoxville, because I’d seen these cakes before and thought “Hmm, maybe Whole Foods will be open by my birthday, and I can have a Confetti Cake, ’cause those are so ADORABLE!” Well, the closer we get to my birthday (November 1st) the more it looks like that’s not gonna happen. Boo, Whole Foods! Boo. I’m just jesting, and am sure I will love Whole Foods in spite of their later opening date.

5) The Puff Hexagon Stitch.
This currently seems attainable. Additionally though, I have yet to try it. But, If I can make it work, it could make SUCH cute stuff! Blankets, scarves, a sweater for Ava. . . ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! And the picture below has pretty colors to boot! I’ll let y’all know if I attempt it any time soon!

That’s all the Terrific Things for this Tuesday!

Check back soon for more fun things!

What was your favorite thing on this list? Let me know in the comments!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, y’all!!

Terrific Things Tuesday! (Texas Edition)

1) Texas Spirit Jersey: 
I’m in love with Spirit Jerseys, y’all know this. What you may not know, is that I was born in Texas, and it has ALWAYS held a HUGE piece of my heart. (Ask my Mama) Because of that, I’m constantly searching for more ways to show off my pride for my home state. I’ve got my eye on this fun shirt  for my next “selfish” purchase. I’m not sure I’ll go with Royal Blue, but I’m definitely going to own one of these some day! Find it HERE. 😉


2) Texas Monogrammed Necklace:
These are the cutest necklaces I’ve ever seen in my entire life! For real y’all, aren’t they adorable!? Find them here.


3) Monogrammed Door Hanger:
Is there a better way to show your Texas Pride than to brand your front door with this precious door hanger!? I think not!
Find it on Bourbon and Boots. Link here.
4) Texas Mason Jar Tumbler:
There’s no cuter way to stay hydrated! 😉 Really though, this is adorable. Support Small Businesses, and buy it here.
5 & 6) The Token Friday Night Lights References:
If y’all haven’t watched Friday Night Lights before, you should probably fix that AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It’s a great little show with some fabulously quotable moments. Such as the one on this shirt below. 😉
And this one too! 😉
Well, that’s all the fun Texas stuff for this week, though I promise there’s more where that came from. 😀
If y’all need Texas Pridewear, type Texas in the search bar on Etsy. I’m sure you’ll find something fabulous! 😉

Have a great day, y’all!!


Terrific Things Tuesday!

Welcome to Terrific Things Tuesday! At least once a month or so, I’ll try to put together a list of a few things I’m loving or wanting to try! These things may not be entirely related to Gluten Free Living, but not every aspect of my life revolves around my intolerance, and this will show y’all a wee bit more about me! 🙂 Let’s begin!!

  1. The Granny Stripe Pattern for Crochet

I usually test new pattern attempts in dishrag size so that if I totally HATE it, I don’t have as much to rip out. Lazy crafting at its finest. 😉 Anyways, it’s been working up rather quickly, and I’m quite pleased with the results. I think once I finish the dishrag, I’ll trim it in a shell stitch, and then attempt an afghan with The Granny Stripe Pattern. Here’s the pattern I used from Pinterest. Oh, and here’s what it looks like: 

Isn’t the pattern pretty!? I LOVE all the colors and hope mine will look that cool once I get up the nerve to make it in full size. 🙂

2. EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet

It’s fall y’all, and my lips get all dry and chapped. These are awesome. And Gluten Free. Strawberry is my favorite at the moment, but I’m also digging the Coconut Milk one.

3. My Networking Cards for my Blog!!
I feel so official now! Vistaprint is the bomb.
(I don’t feel pictures are necessary. Y’all have seen them already on instagram.)

   4. My Laptop Case
I have the one linked above in Hot Pink, and I LOVE IT! It’s so pretty. It’s also really easy to keep clean. A couple swipes with a Magic Eraser and voila!

See, I told y’all. SO PRETTY! 😉

5. Anything Pumpkin or Pumpkin Shaped
Like my Creamy Pumpkin Sauce. It’s yummy. You should try it.  I’ve also been enjoying Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins, which have had some controversy over possible cross-contamination. So PLEASE don’t go buy them on my recommendation if you’re worried about this. I have taken my health into my own hands over this issue, and I haven’t had any issues, but don’t risk it on my behalf. PLEASE!

6. My Pink Spirit Jersey
I bought an uber-expensive tourist t-shirt while in Steamboat Springs, CO, and it’s literally the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I don’t have a picture of it, but on the front where a pocket would be it says CO in block letters, and on the back it says Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in a pretty font.  Y’all can find a bajillion and 12 kinds of shirts like this on Etsy, but here’s one on my wish list.  (shown below)

Alrighty, y’all, that’s all for today!
What are some things y’all are loving? Tell me in the comments!